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Krav Maga – Real Life Experience

To Rich,

Last Friday night, I was coming out of temple with my rabbi, cantor, and three of my friends when we were confronted by three skinhead/neo-nazi type individuals, who often come around to yell and make threats and insults, but had never really caused any trouble.  But this night, two of them came charging right toward the rabbi and cantor (both at least in their 50’s).  Thanks to my training at Krav Maga RC, even though I’ve only been a student for about six months, I was able to successfully defend myself and others against one of the individuals, who was easily 6 feet tall and 200 pounds while my friends handled the other.  With the exception of a bruise on my shin, neither me, my friends, or the rabbi and cantor were harmed, and the assailants were effectively stopped.

For anyone seeking the absolute BEST combat training for self-defense in a real world situation, look no further than Krav Maga.  It wasn’t designed to be pretty, acrobatic, and visually glorious, it was designed with the simple and effective purpose of protecting yourself quickly, brutally, and efficiently against any possible threat, and I can promise it does EXACTLY that.  The instructors at Krav Maga RC are friendly, helpful, and unbelievably skillful fighters, and they take the progress of each individual student very seriously and personally.  If you come to classes at least twice a week and put in the effort, you WILL become an effective fighter.