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About Our School

Krav Maga Rancho Cucamonga and Krav-Jitsu came about due to an amazing set of situations and great luck. Rich’s daughter Olivia was taking Karate classes while Rich was working on his Black Belt in Aikido.  Olivia’s karate instructor one day asked if Rich had ever heard of Krav Maga.  He said “no” and “what is it?. The karate instructor went on to tell him that it was awesome, no frills, down and dirty street fighting system – for just that – the real world and the streets. The karate instructor was going to learn the system and bring it to Rancho Cucamonga. He decided not to, due to scheduling difficulties and staffing his already busy and successful school while he went away for three (3) 7day weeks of 8 hours per day training/fighting/grappling at the world famous Krav Maga Worldwide headquarters in Los Angeles run by Darren Lavine.

Here’s where it gets interesting. A couple of years go by Rich earns his Black Belt in Aikido and then decided to take year long class in Tarzana, Ca.. Well in the class was a gentleman name Kevin Lewis, who just happens to be a certified Krav Maga instructor.  Kevin invites Rich to take class – and that was it. Rich started taking classes (he met Darren Levine his first night of training) immediately and was eventually asked if he wanted to open a school in the Inland Empire. Oh yeah – Rich then found out that he would have to go through the 3 weeks of 8 hours per day of training/fighting/grappling to be certified and be allowed to open. Of course he jumped at the chance, made the investment in time, dedication, training and money.  Rich then made the additional commitment and investment of three additional weeks of “Expert” training in gun, stick, and knife. We gained approval to open our school in November 2002 and did so shortly after with zero students and a desire to bring Krav Maga and Krav-Jitsu to Rancho Cucamonga and the Inland Empire. People come to us from as far as Pasadena and Barstow week after week for fitness and/or self-defense.  We added Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2007 for our members that want to focus extra on the “ground” game.

We appreciate all of our student’s dedication to their training and are glad they train with us.