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Felipe – Blue Belt!

BLUE Belt!Luis getting his Blue Belt

KM test 4/11

KM test 4/11Marcus getting his Purple Belt!!Marcus getting his Purple Belt in BJJJuan getting his Purple Belt in BJJ!!Juan getting his Purple Belt in BJJ

Master Toddy

Benny the JET

Krav Maga Test 12/18/2010 Great Test guys and gals!

Krav Maga Testing – Advanced 12/18/10 Great Test

Jeff getting his BLUE BELT!

Rich with Tom Reusing Mike getting his Blue Belt!

Juan getting his PURPLE Belt! 10/30/10 Testing 10/30/10 Advanced Rich getting Purple 4th Stripe 8/30/10 Rich3rdPurple3rdStripe2010-04-30 Rich getting third Purple 3rd stripe 4/30/10 gbrc-RichGetting4thBlueStripe Rich getting 4th Blue stripe 1/09 Rich and Prof Marcio at GB Tournament 2/21/09 (It was Rich’s 1st time refereeing) 2nd strip pix 2nd stripe! 2nd strip pix 2nd stripe! Rich and another guy Awesome training at GBRC Juan earning his 1st stripe on his Blue belt. Dave earning his 2nd stripe Rich congratulating Travis on winning GOLD at 2nd GB Tournament! He won Gold at the 1st one too! Chris earning his stripe John earning his 1st stripe Rich’s 1st jiu-jitsu school back in the early 70′s in N.J. It’s now an MMA school. Prof. Alex giving 1st stripe to Matt After hard training at Gracie Barra Rancho Cucamonga Juan earning his Blue belt! Danielle earning her Blue belt! Juan with knee on Darren’s belly Travis earning his Yellow belt! Rich and Juan with Prof’s Marcio and Flavio Sarah earning her Blue belt! Rich with Bill Walace – Karate icon Rich with Carlos Machado Rigan Machado Rich with Richardo Loborio Rich with Bill Clark Jeff Monson Rich with Dana White (UFC) Rich with John Witman Krav Maga 4th Black Belt and PMA Advanced Krav Maga Trainer Rich with Master Carlos Gracie Jr. Rich and Juan with Renzo Gracie Rich with MMA super star Bas Rutten